This is an amazing episode! We start in Gordon Square in Cleveland’s west side to take in the celebration of loved ones that have passed. Check out the costumes!We then move to some Spanish cooking making Salvadorean Pupusas! Cheesy, meaty and full of flavor! The Spanish American Committee is training people for career jobs that can bump you up to $30 an hour! WE ARE GIVING AWAY A SWEET 15/16 BIRTHDAY VALUED AT MORE THAN 10K! Meet the local vendors that are making the dream come true! And how to deal with difficult family members coming over for the Holidays! Psychotherapist Maria Mars gives us ways to relieve holiday stress. And we tell you about a Thanksgiving community meal at St.Rocco’s Church in Cleveland. If you are a family that is having a hard time financially. We will be there to make you feel like your at home.

The Ana Show Celebrates the Day of the Dead!

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