Have you ever thought about going to an escape room? The one we went to is not scary and they don’t lock the doors! Find clues and escape the room in a live action race against the clock! Be the hero! Check it out Perplexity Games in Ohio City. This story will warm your soul. I cooked Puerto Rican rice and beans for our friend Dougy. He reminds us that those with disabilities are very able to contribute to society and their capacity to give unconditional love should be emulated. John Klopp from Klopp Investment talks about the importance of not procastinating when it comes to investing for your future! And we love taking you to interesting places in Ohio. We go to Mentor, Ohio to a store called Some Things by the Lake. It is a one stop shop for gifts. And the uniques thing we will show you!!! They also celebrate Christmas all year around!

The Ana show Escape room adventure

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