You don’t want to miss this breathtaking performance! Heres your chance to enjoy a great musical performance or be serenaded by one of the best Trios in the country. The played En Mi Viejo San Juan!
Los Tres Sonidos is a local group that has 3 vocaiists and 3 instruments. It started back to the 1640’s when a Trio would be hired to play outside someone’s love interest. Be still my heart!
It was a live performance and it sounds like a profesional recording. I played it on my iphone in my car and it made me happy!!!! Congratulations to Los Tres Sonidos Tito de Jesus Sr, Jose Pagan, and Julio C. Velez for carrying on this important tradition!
Your mouth will water when you see what Jose Melendez from Melendez Catering made in his kitchen! Here’s a tease! It is Tropical and it’s seafood influenced by Columbia, Puerto Rico and Mexico.
It’s Latin fusion recipe you can make at home. Learn about Jose’s story about never giving up and his personal and family triumph over adversity.

The Ana Show! A Lost Art El Trio returns!

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