Our Auto show special! We will show you the new Mustang! Come with me and ride the Jeep obstacle course!
The Daca Program got a temporary victory. Hear what the local Clergy leaders had to say about it.Local Hispanic women leaders gather at the Hispanic Alliance with Ward 14 City Councilwoman Jasmin Santana.
We found a hidden gem in Cleveland! We take you inside Sabor Miami restaurant! They have the best Cafe con leche in Cleveland!Thank youto Mariela Paz and mom Vilma Closky for being great hosts at Sabor Miami.
Wondering when you should start investing your money and planning for retirement? CEO John Klopp from Klopp Investment gives us the answers to very important questions.Klopp has more than 20 years experience in money management.If you have a Gluten allergy check out MinusG products! Katherine Krage figured how to make Gluten free pizza crust, pancakes,cookies, Chocolate cake. We have tried her Gluten Free food and it taste great!


Auto Show Special

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