This week we are live from Metroparks Lake Farm Park. Check out the new Miniature horses, Alpacas, sheep, goats and chickens. They are so cute.
We meet a local hero From L Triple A Irvin Maldonado Sr.​He goes on his own time to Puerto Rico.He helps out the survivors. We have new video and pictures of the island. He gives us a story of hope and determination.
Amparo Vega​ from the original watch company is selling a Puerto Rico watch and donating 100 percent of the profits. Put your Christmas order in for gifts. It’s a beautiful watch!
The owners of the Salvaged boutique in Lakewood give 25 percent of their sales to Puerto Rico. There is rice and beans and Coquito!
We make Cuban style Chicken with my friend Mabel. It is a mouth watering recipe that is a staple on the Island of Cuba!
Increase your Spanish vocabulary. Check out the Spanish phrase of the day!

Live from Lake Farm Park

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